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The Peres Guimarães company was founded in 1951, in Porto, by Mr. Henrique Santos Peres Guimaraes. We began our activity as the official importer of car accessories with the representation of Leyland.

Later the company changed the area of action for the refrigeration industry and the industry in general with the representation of Danfoss in 1958 in the areas of refrigeration, industrial and electrical equipment. Over the years we represented other complementary products and expanding the range of Danfoss, such as electronic speed variation and flow measurement.

In late 1997, started our activities in automation with the representation of the PMA (eg Philips) with their drivers, mini-PLC's, loggers and sensors for pressure and temperature.

In 1998 we opened a delegation in London on a commercial, more precisely in Linda-a-Velha, with the aim of expanding our business.

In 2001 we celebrated 50 years of existence and reinforced a delegation in Lisbon (Carnaxide) with a new space with the aim of increasing our approach to new customers.

In 2001 we were named Distributor of Moeller, having strengthened our activities in automation and electrical systems.

In 2003 we were named Distributor of Siemens Instrumentation having expanded our product range in the area of instrumentation with wide application in industrial activities and the environment.

In 2005 we reinforced the range of products on the environment with the Hach-Lange.


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